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    Tremail Logistics SA

    • Tremail Logistics SA, freight forwarder and customs broker based in Le Locle (Switzerland) is renowned for the services provided in the handling of high value added goods such as watches or pharmaceutical products since 1992.

      Our young and dynamic team, gathering more than 100 years of experience in logistics, customs brokerage and tax related issues, can meet our customer's requirements by focusing on how to optimize their administrative and logistics streams.

      Our experience in the luxury sector allows us to offer tailor made services in order to fulfill our client's most specific requirements. Our multimodal platform in Le Locle also includes two strong rooms in a warehouse that meet the highest standards in terms of safety and security. Thanks to its interdisciplinarity features, our team is able to adapt to our customer's needs within a constantly moving environment (economic and regulatory).

      Also represented in Asia through its subsidiary Tremail Logistics Ltd (Hong Kong), Tremail Logistics is creating a worldwide network of logistics partners in order to follow our customers international growth.

      We, Tremail Logistics, look forward to being your trustworthy logistics partner dedicated to your specific needs and commit ourselves to reaching the highest standards in service quality and our customer's satisfaction.


    Our mission is to preserve values of all kinds in all transmissions for which you entrust us (transport, warehousing, communication).

    In order to excel in our duties, all operations are handled strictly respecting our essential values i.e. confidentiality, visibility and loyalty towards our customers.

    A professional team with guaranteed experience in customs regulations and logistics solutions offers you, through intimacy and trust, practical advises and personalized services according to the highest standards of performance throughout the whole process of both handling and shipping your cargoes in the aim to suit your specific requirements.

    Tremail Logistics is always searching for the optimal quality and reliability for all kind of shipments through its existing multimodal platform and network allowing us shipping your goods by truck, rail, sea or air.

    Located at the border between Switzerland and France, in the heart of the watch & clock high precision and microtechnical industries, we consider this characteristic as an advantage.

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  • TREMAIL Logistics

    Created in 1992 in Le Locle, birthplace of the main watch manufactures and high end medical industries, Tremail Switzerland SA, freight forwarder and customs broker, has for first priority to provide adequate solutions to its customers. This means that Tremail Logistics targets cope with requirements from companies coming from the watch & electronics industries but also supermarket suppliers.

    Following a steady development, Tremail Logistics has opened an office in Hong Kong in 2001: Pacific Zone Developments Ltd.

    The "advice council", created in 2006, allows Tremail Logistics to help and assist its customers in their international logistics development but also regarding their specific administrative issues involved in international transport.

    In 2007, in order to harmonize its corporate names, Tremail Switzerland SA and Pacific Zone Developments Ltd became respectively Tremail Logistics SA and Tremail Logistics Ltd.

    Today, Tremail Logistics group is widening the scope of its activities and also offers a dedicated limousine service based on the company core values: excellence and discretion.


    Our knowledge in Swiss & EU customs regulations and fiscal issues gives Tremail Logistics SA the status of privileged interlocutor for the setup of new logistics axis.

    Furthermore, our expertise and pragmatism acquired in assisting and giving special advise to our customers allows providing worldwide solutions.



      Our secured site enjoys a storage area and several certified strong rooms in order to perform all the handling, storing, pick&pack or any other activity in order to optimize our customers process and shipments. Our multimodal platform allows us to coordinating all the shipments thanks to our customs and fiscal expertise.


      Freight forwarder, customs broker and IATA agent, Tremail Logistics SA handles directly all the shipments being by road, air or sea in order to ensure the best possible follow up of our customers cargoes. Whatever the means of transport, everything is recorded, computerized and can be tracked on our website.

    • STORAGE :
      4 PL

      Our totally secured and computerized storage warehouse can afford 2000 pallets. Tremail Logistics SA can offer a tailor made service whatever the need is (storage, handling, pick & pack, quality control…).


      Our diversified knowledge and expertise allows us to provide a personalized assistance for any of our customers logistics project. Audit, advice, optimization, distribution, a dedicated and responsible team who will listen and respect any special request.

  • Our team

    Johanne Barthelet, CEO

    "...Following her rich experience in logistics & operational advisor at Pwc M&A pre and post deal, Johanne took over the reins of Tremail Logistics…"

    Harold Creitz, Sales Director

    "…Working for Tremail Logistics since 1999 as sales Director, Harold's knowledge in supply chain and expertise regarding all the shipping transportation means (air, sea & road) lead him to the head of development of international markets…"

    Philippe Maurer, Import/Export Director

    "…Working for tremail Logistics since 1992 and holder of a Customs Federal diploma, Philippe is responsible for the import/export department.He is leading a team of 7 people specialized in handling customs brokerage and shipping whatever the mode of transportation involved (air, sea or road)..."

  • Locate us

    TREMAIL Logistics SA
    Rue de France 85A
    2400 Le Locle

    Phone: +41 32 933 98 98

    FAX:+41 32 933 98 99

    E-mail: contact@tremail.com

    TREMAIL Logistics Ltd
    1C Brilliance Court
    Discovery Bay
    Hong Kong

    Phone: +852 3705 8457

    E-mail: contact.hk@tremail.com

    TREMAIL Logistics SAS
    3 - 4 Rue Pie Grièche
    ZA du bas de la chaux
    25500 Le Belieu

    Phone: +33 3 81 44 59 62

    E-mail: contact.fr@tremail.com

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